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Australian Generations: Life Histories, Generational Change & Australian Memory

This ARC Linkage Project led by Monash Historians Alistair Thomson and including Seamus O'Hanlon and Christina Twomey has been awarded $509,854 over 4 years to undertake what Thomson describes as "a generational reinterpretation of Australian history using interviews with 300 Australians born between 1920 and 1990."

‘Australian Generations: Life Histories, Generational Change and Australian Memory' is a partnership with historians from:

The two industry partners are contributing an additional $568,459 in cash and kind to the project.

The team will create 1500 hours of oral history interviews to deepen and broaden the National Library's collection and this will involve significant innovation in digital audio archiving. At the conclusion of the project the interviews will be available in an online archive hosted by the NLA.

According to their proposal, "Two books and one of Australia's most ambitious radio history series will illuminate historical change for different 20th century generations, the formation of distinctive generational memories and identities, and the significance of generational difference in Australia today."

Professor Thomson believes that understanding diverse experiences and memories of Australia's past becomes increasingly important as the nation faces dramatic social, cultural and environmental change.

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