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Survival Tips for Students in the Faculty of Arts

First in the Family Network

The Arts Faculty First in the Family Network is a great initiative available to all Arts students who are part of the first generation in their family to receive tertiary education. The First in the Family network offers students:

If you would like to be involved, please contact or call: 9902 6011

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS)

PASS is an innovative program which supports students through difficult first year units with proven success. Student leaders will guide you through your academic coursework in friendly weekly study groups. PASS is launching in 8 first year Arts units including:

Places fill up fast so don't miss your chance. Stay tuned for more details!

Fun times!

Food, movie nights, dance workshops; what more could you want? Campus Connect runs fun-filled social events on Tuesday nights – see the plan for semester 2 at the Health and Wellbeing website


If you want a job that fits your schedule or you need some work experience in your field, check out the Career Gateway. This secret job list is only available to the Monash community.

Money worries

Contact Financial aid for advice and student loans.


Uni can be a tough environment. If you need some support contact Monash counselling or call the emergency counselling hotline on 1300 361 008

Feeling overwhelmed?

Manage your stress and study issues with a 5 week SMART course. Learn about time management, motivation, study skills and exam stress busters! Register now or grab some fact helpful fact sheets.

Always running late?

Find your best transport option or save some money and make a friend with Monash carpooling

Medical Help

Monash Health service offers health care for Monash students and staff including a doctor here on campus.

Delicious Pancakes

Free Pancakes on Tuesday mornings at 9.30am in the Narthex Room (building 9)

Lacking motivation

Grab some quick techniques to improve your studies and harness your potential with Learning Inspirations.

International students

New to Melbourne and feeling lost? Sign up for the Peer Mentor Program. You will be assigned a student mentor to guide you through the first few weeks of semester and help you settle in. Plus attend great social events and learn about living and studying in Australia.

Society of Arts (SAS)

The Society of Arts Students is one of the largest clubs at Monash University, Clayton, with over 1000 members. SAS is entirely student run, and represents all Arts students at Monash.